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"Who Watches the Watchmen?", I did

07 Mar 2009

A dark, brooding alternative past where super heroes are outlawed and apparently hunted.  Incredible special effects combined with a compelling story and gritty heroes.  One in particular remained genuine throughout the films epic tale, Rorshach.  The hoarse voiced narrator through much of the film, appears hell bent on punishing anyone he sees as villain, the archetypal vigilante.  In my opinion the movie delivered, having read the original graphic novel many years ago (late 80s) I remembered the characters, but had forgotten most of the story.

Hold on a second Mark, what's this have to do with nourishment for the soul?  That's easy.  Films, music, TV series, books, all types of media are just different methods for telling a story or marketing and sharing ones ideas.  At their worst, they're boring, sometimes painful wastes of our time.  At their best they can provide inspiration, provocative discussions, and stimulant our own imaginations.

My only disappointment with the film, Dr. Manhattan.  Unquestinably my favorite character from the graphic novel, he's got abilities which put him far beyond the realm of any of the other characters.  But he ends up being a tool in the movie (although an incredibly talented artist), and probably was as much of a pawn in the original graphic novel (I probably glossed over it then).