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Use Twitter to Keep Track of what's going on

18 Mar 2009

In case you just landed on Earth, Twitter is a tool that feels like part chat room, part news feeder, part network marketer.  Seriously try it out with a browser addon, and check the public channel to find interesting tweets.

I suggest grabbing twitbin if you use Firefox.  It creates a side window that's getting a constant stream of updates.  Unfortunately, I'm still new so I'm learning tweeter netiquette.  You can follow me at VictusFate I'll follow you back :D (and I'll keep following as long as you don't spam me about how to get rich via flying carpet sales and black magic)


Twitter Netiquette

I added some of my favorite Twitter tools/applications/websites to my web marketing tutorial

Of course I just came across this twitter segment from the Daily Show:

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