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Don't Discount the Power of Immeasurable Qualities

07 May 2009


Measurable Qualities that Help Drive Success
What you really want to have in place are incredible analytical tools to help measure the effect of specific business tactics.  As far as web design goes, Google has a fantastic suite of analysis tools.

These tools will give you immediate feedback should you make a marketing faux pas.  Many of Google's design decisions are based on metrics, and they've created tools to help us make similar decisions.  New designs are vetted by analyzing customer response statistics.  What this cannot do is create a self image for your organization, or personal brand.

Immeasurable Qualities Not Only Define Us, But Influence Others
Immeasurable Qualities include

One of the amazing abilities we have as people is to read other people's reactions to what we are saying.  When giving a talk to an audience you can quickly gauge how well received your message is.  While this has become a challenging skill via web based social interactions, it's up to us to continually engage our audiences and determine the best intersection of what we're saying and what they want to hear.