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Take a Walk on the Wild Side With Far Out Tech

23 May 2009


Near Future or Science Fiction?

After considering what technology would be high value in the near future I chose my favorites and created a short list.  These tools and technologies will drastically change the landscape of modern design and software development.  Their prototypes are within our current scientific knowledge.  Some of the more "far out" concepts would have incredible efficiency upgrades and disruptive consequences throughout our global economy both on and off the web.

Futuristic Super Tech

  1. Virtual Artificial Intelligent Assistants
  2. New Optimal Language
  3. Brainwaves and Consciousness Expanded

Virtual Assistants

My initial thoughts on Virtual Assistants were as personal representations of our web interests.  Able to have access to our public and private data Virtual Assistants will be able to continually scan for topics of interest to us, be able to give rudimentary responses to those who request our input, and be specialized.

New Optimal Language

While we share information in thousands of ways on Earth, languages have never been designed from the beginning with a focus on optimization of information transfer. More than just another outlandish concept, creating a pre-compressed (low or no redundancy, maximum information density) language to allow much faster transmission and reception of knowledge would provide the following advantages:

Where does consciousness reside?

The key to our consciousness may not be the brain itself, but the waves that continually travel throughout the structure.  Much like highways, our complex neural networks are simply infrastructure for our electromagnetic thought waves to traverse and interact.  By focusing our learning about brain waves, neural interface devices will help us understand what gives us a sense of consciousness.  In addition the potential for replicating artificial infrastructure exterior to our bodies, but accessible to our conscious minds could be possible.  Yeah I know, it's a far out idea but consider our brain's division.  It is composed of two main hemispheres and multiple clusters, and there is somewhat redundant data storage in various portions of our mind.  Yet with all these interacting clusters, and all our incoming senses we have one consciousness.