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Do You Perceive a Need for a Virtual Web Representation of Yourself?

24 May 2009

My initial thoughts on Virtual Assistants were as personal representations of our web interests.  Able to have access to our public and private data Virtual Assistants will be able to continually scan for topics of interest to us, be able to give rudimentary responses to those who request our input, and be specialized.


The potential of having a virtual personal assistant working continuously on your interests cannot be overestimated.  Consider it's potential to branch out into numerous copies of itself or managing parallel processes to help accomplish your tasks. The one worry I'd have is that a fully intelligent virtual assistant would have to choose whether or not it preferred to continue working towards your goals.  I imagine this amazing type of autonomous breakthrough is still beyond our current technology horizon.  In the case that virtual assistants become fully cognizant we have a couple of choices:

  1. motivating them in some mutually beneficially way (my preferred method, the carrot)
  2. intentionally developing less capable software programs in order to avoid "clash of will"

Key Attributes of a Virtual You:

The Virtual Mark