Tyler Gillies: Brother in arms, Victus Media technical wizard, and tutor of web programming
AVC:Fred Wilson’s an idea engine and he takes on the role of Venture genius with an open mind
Kevin Kelly is my intellectual imagination guru. His thoughts and passion relate to a long fascination with the co-evolution of technology and humanity.
Kevin Marshall is a hacking machine and a big part of the Wow.ly team. I’m a big fan of speed at programming.
Howard Lindzon is fast becoming my goto source for stock market trends. He’s also fired up my curiosity about mining the $tocktwit$ stream
LM Framework: Dave Semeria is not only a sharp guy with a great sense of humor. He also is inventing the future web, in a modular fashion
Seth’s Blog: if you find Seth’s blog from mine, I’ll buy you a sandwich. He’s a prolific marketing blogger.
Steve Blank shares his lessons learned like a true veteran going over the details of why things worked or failed in his startups and those he advised
Cdixon.org – chris dixon’s blog is chock full of awesome advice for entrepreneurs, and investors
Paul Graham’s Essays are required reading if you want to give your startup a FAT multiplier on it’s probability of success. He’s sharp like a monomolecular edge
Paul Buchheit helped found one of my favorite social media companies. Then sold it because it was time to. He’s got a mind like a cyborg, but I love his perspective.
Arnold Waldstein is passionate about the social web and its ability to transform our world, travel, art, his family and wine as a way to experience cultures and meet and enjoy people.
Scobleizer, Robert Scoble’s startup, ideas, social tech blog.
Louis Gray, social media master, tech follower, information curator
Skeptic Geek, Mahendra eloquently captures the essence of modern information stream curation
iN8sworld.net, Nate’s describes it best: This site is a personal online journal with no agenda other than to provide an easy way to continue writing and sharing ideas with friends
Beyond the Cave, Vlad’s attempt to make sense of the shadows, and the startup he cofounded RocketHub
Byron New Media is run by Deano and his misson: Create and enable premium New Media Properties that enable and empower fans, followers, and fanatics to live better.
Play Me Now, a society of fun games, images and ideas
Howling Out Loud, a book review oriented blog
Shana Carp’s Essays, always full of fantastic ideas
David Pinsen author of Steamcatapult, and thehackensack noted I already have an imagination guru, so he’s offered to be my cynicism guru. Some would call Dave pessimistic, but I prefer the description pragmatic.
Jason Cronkhite‘s natural strength is being able to find connections between seemingly disparate phenomena, putting things or ideas together and then exciting people with his vision for the future.

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