Victus Spiritus


Wouldn't it be wonderful if our imagination could change the world?

25 Feb 2009

I've often fantasized about the ability to shape the world I live in simply with my imagination.  Even as a child I found my existence just a little too immutable, just a bit too concrete for my liking. I'd play games where I'd imagine traveling to new amazing worlds, or transforming into wondrous flying creatures long before I ever read about dragons. One of the most difficult concepts for me to accept (even now) was how little my sometimes vibrant imagination could change my surroundings.

Our gurus and guides will inspire us by saying that we can change the world if it's important enough, if we put enough effort into the transformation anything is possible. As fate would have it, perseverance to change making has never been a strong trait of mine due to apathetic aspects of my nature. That doesn't mean that I can't imagine a better world, but there's usually not a critical amount of motivational vita navitas (life energy) to demand action.

The conclusion I've come to is that we are in fact the canvas, and the world is our artist. Our personalities, our lives, our appearance, and most importantly our life story is the product of our society, our world, of our reality. In cooperation, our world and our inner selves work in unison to manufacture and modify our lives. In effect, we can change the world, by self transformation. But that's not enough for me, and it shouldn't be enough for you.

I've discovered that there is something else we can easily do that can transform our world. We can inspire! We can write about and share our deepest hopes and find others who share these dreams. We can connect with those among us who have the motivation, and the energy, to help change the world for the better. They are all around us, waiting for a powerful cause that moves their soul. Not just the next generation, our children, but the youthful life energy that is within all of us old and young.

First we can change ourselves, then we may inspire others, together we will transform the world. Let's make it a beautiful place for those who inherit our imaginations.