Victus Spiritus


Be faithful to yourself, be genuine

28 Feb 2009


In all of our lives there is one thing we can do that projects strength and leadership.  It inspires those around us with a feeling of security, and sometimes just a little bit of awe.  It is the quality of being genuine.  Being true to oneself is having faith that we are worthy, that our Atman has value and deserves to be realized.  It is curious that the Buddhist concept of selflessness appears in conflict to being true to an inner self, for that philosophy there is no intrinsic self. 

As we grow from children into adults, and then adults into elders we find it natural to mimic those among us who are perceived as natural leaders, as great people.  Various social interactions almost require us to act in ways incongruous with our inner voice.  We have to learn to listen to and live as our inner voice guides us.  The danger being if we ignore it long enough, we'll forget we ever had one.

It's true in business, as well as our social lives.
You can't be anyone else nearly as well as you can be yourself.