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Predator X: King Pliosaur, coming to the history channel soon

17 Mar 2009

Jorn H. Hurum, paleontologist from the University of Oslo, directed the excavations in 2008 to recover the bones of "Predator X" found on the Arctic island of Svalbard, a low priority on my planned vacations.

So what's the big deal, it's another dinosaur right?  Wrong, this thing is touted to be one of the most ferocious creatures ever, with a bite wielding a projected 33,000lbs per square inch, dwarfing the T-Rex's 3000lb per square inch jaw power.  Modern day alligators can crank 2,500lbs per square inch and that's more than enough to leave a mark.  Not to forget mentioning, but it's physiology supported a four flipper TURBO-CHARGE characteristic, enabling it to move with lethal speed in bursts.

If you're a carnivorous water dino (marine reptile) fan you're in luck, the  History Channel Predator X Premiere is later this month and the internet is a buzz trying to shake down more details on this topic.  For more information check my Predator X Info Page.