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When it comes to keeping in touch, keep it simple

02 Apr 2009

Occam's Razor vs. the Social Web

Here's a personal question many of us face each day:

How are my friends doing?

Of course you'll usually have much better interaction when you send a message or information directly to an individual.  Many of us are so busy that any shotgun lists are put on the back burners, while directed messages are read and responded to.

We have so many choices when it comes to contacting friends, the possibilities can actually be a detriment to our regular social interactions.  When it comes to keeping in touch, just keep it simple.

Here's a business question many of face each day: How do we improve our relationship with our most valued customers?

What's a high value customer?

You could broadcast status or new offerings, but these are generally put in the back burner unless orchestrated in a remarkable fashion.  A less expensive approach is a friendly hello.  Inquire how your customer is doing and whether you can further assist them (I was really impressed when Microsoft Adcenter recently called me in this way).

So how we improve our relationship with our most valued customers?

While the manner of your interaction may be more professional when dealing with a customer, the connection methods will resemble your personal social network.  Obviously if you have a large number of high value customers you will be need to rely more on broadcast networks.  Consider critical examination of using broadcast messages versus pertinent directed connections.  The effect of one mutually beneficial direct message is more potent than a globally ignored one.