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Sick and tired of paying extra for voice and sms text message data!

10 Apr 2009

What spark will ignite companies to bypass the wireless broadband providers choke hold?  It's time to focus our national resources (in this case bandwidth) on innovating high speed internet for the entire nation.  All parts of America need some good "old fashioned" free information internet.  It can be started with government subsidies, some strong legislation, and dozens of innovative companies.  The excuses for segregation or coloring data because it's voice or SMS text are simply ludicrous.  The typical usage of our spectrum is atrociously inefficient and under utilized.  In addition the excuses for locking down the EM spectrum transmission frequencies to narrow channels is equally illogical.

The Excuses:

That's it?  That's the best they can come up with?  Those are the type of arguments holding America back from hi speed wireless broadband.  If I could grow more hair to pull out I would.  Does anyone actually believe these ill conceived comments?  At the very least our big telecom corporations need some better spin doctors and marketeers. Can anyone "in power" do something about it?  Unfortunately it may be some time before our legislators catch up with our growing demands for technology and ubiquitous hi speed internet for all devices.

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