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Work In Progress, Looking Forward to Government 2.0

27 Apr 2009


I've had a wonderful opportunity these past few months.  By unplugging from the majority of my responsibilities as a simulation/systems engineer I was able to discover a passion for writing, and learn how to share my discoveries.  While I return to work today, I pledge to continue reading, processing, writing, and connecting.  The same concepts that this blog was founded on just a few months ago hold true.

  1. From my first post: "My deepest wish is that by
    sharing my humble perspectives, you, the reader, will gain a quantum
    of motivational energy sufficient to spark a powerful and positive
    decision and corresponding path for your own life.
  2. Thanks to bloggers like Seth Godin, Fred Wilson, and Kevin Kelly (and many more) I've been inspired with an array of concepts and views that have enriched my own growing perceptions about life, business, and discovering one's calling.

That brings me to some incredible new opportunities.  President Obama selected Aneesh Chopra as the nations first Chief Technical Officer (Tim O'Reilly's article).  I'm confident he will have a major hand in helping to spearhead Government 2.0's implementation and improve the service nature of our representatives with modern social technologies.  This will create an array of new tasks focused on improving the efficiency of our growing beaucracy.

Here's a 50minute video of Aneesh Chopra discussing his experiences and concepts: