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A Few Surefire Tactics to Boost Your Verve

28 Apr 2009

When It Comes to Renewing Our Enthusiasm, We're Often Our Own Worst Enemy

Find time to do what you love, and then keep doing it.

As soon as you discover your true calling another responsibility will bubble to the surface of your conscious mind.  You'll temporarily drift from your "flow" state for a few minutes to take care of some things.  After a few hours, days or even years you'll come to the realization that your day to day activities are not in harmony with what you want to be doing with the majority of your life.  There's a Buddhist practice of mindfulness that amongst many positive factors, serves as a monitor for when one's thoughts drift.  We must be mindful of distractions.

When you are actively pursuing the work that you most love, that you simply must do, your energy and enthusiasm is restored.  This feedback loop is precisely the factor that will make you most productive when you are engaged in tasks most aligned with your inner compass.

Go Out And Find A Friend Who's Energized!

Call an inspirational friend, hop online and chat with a personal coach, or grab an energy drink with your physical trainer

You probably know one or more people that are constantly peppy (in a
positive way, not twitchy).  Find out what they're up and see if you
can join in.  Just being in the presence of people that are naturally
full of joy for living can boost your own enthusiasm.  Soon enough, they'll be calling you when they need to get energized.

Give Away Your Energy to Your Undiscovered Audience

Now that you've found a continuous font of energy from your calling, give it away

That's right, all your hard work and effort will find it's greatest meaning for those that learn from you and benefit from your enthusiasm.  Your vitality will infect your friends, associates, employees, readers, students, and even your boss!  If you've ever had the pleasure of working alongside someone who is doing what they love, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.  Now imagine your favorite teachers generously sharing the knowledge, feelings, and wisdom that they've uncovered.  I've received wonderful feedback from friends, and strangers about my writings and web work and it's been a big help.  How do you think you'd feel if your gurus took time out of their busy schedules to give you some pointers?  I don't know about you, but I'd be psyched up!