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The Importance of Corporate Culture

01 Jun 2009

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How Important is Culture to a Company?

The culture of a company is the quintessential representation of it's style.  An organization's body and life blood is it's most important asset, it's people.  Any group's culture can be characterized by a selection of the following traits they share:

Without a well developed corporate culture a business is little more than a managed group of mercenaries.  Without culture, a business is likely to blend into the background and fail to stand out to potential customers, collaborative business partners, and to potential leaders/employees.  It is clear that having a legendary (or at least reputable) corporate culture is extremely beneficial to any organization.

Corporate Culture Cannot be Synthesized by Systems

What many larger companies experience is an eradication of the socially defined aspect of corporate culture.  In an attempt to redefine a fading corporate culture new systems are branded and described to management throughout a large team.  The fault of the majority of these strategies lies not in their implementation, but in their lack of foresight. These systematic solutions fail to consider the most important aspect of corporate culture. At its core corporate culture is a socially shared style. The culture is propagated by members from all levels within the business structure, who temporarily act as culture leaders to newer members. The problem is not simply quantitative, it is based upon and communicated by  immeasurable qualities.


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