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Legendary Leaders Just Don't Quit

15 Jun 2009

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Willpower Overdose?

What happens when people just keep on pushing past what we commonly refer to as "the limits"? The real physical limitations of Dean Karnazes and Sam Thompson are clearly in the class of legendary endurance. These gentlemen kept pushing their own boundaries, perhaps sometimes mercilessly, in the face of physical exhaustion. Yet they have demonstrably shown what it takes to be a legendary leader, never giving up.

Is there anything positive in your life that you just can't stop doing? Maybe your personal passion is video games, or reading science fiction books, or catching up on the latest music gadgets. Is there anything within your realm of activities that you can imagine excelling far enough in, to become legendary? Not just skilled or even excellent but extreme in a matter similar to the marathon madness that Sam and Dean have managed to pull off. Our culture is fascinated by extremes, we are enamored with stories of the nigh unstoppable human spirit.

One of the most powerful lessons I garnered thanks to the efforts of these gentlemen is about limitations. What many of us take for granted is that their are certain boundaries that we simply cannot surpass. Either our mentors, or our fears have convinced us that a specific task or accomplishment is outside the realm of possibility. The image that these boundaries are harsh realities has been shattered. What was once impossible is no longer so. Is there an imagined boundary stopping you from succeeding?

Many of us continually strive to become better leaders in support of our greatest aspirations. In pursuit of our greatest aspirations, we must hold fast to our dreams as we navigate an uncertain future. Consider this message a reminder that the most common defining feature of histories greatest leaders is that they just don't quit.