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Converse with Technology, Gesture & Speech Recognition

24 Jun 2009

Gesture Control from Microsoft Research 2006, Andy Wilson

Algorithms based on pattern recognition, allow simple cameras to track body motion. An early example is shown in the Microsoft Research Labs above. Andy is showing Robert Scoble that gesture can be used to interface with our computers and software.

Amazing improvements for game applications are shown from E3 below. The Project Natal team has produced 3D body tracking and response software.

Our interaction with technology has been driven by a need to naturally transmit information to and from computers and other devices. Speech recognition improvements have been made, but my personal experience with Microsofts built in Vista dll and Dragon Natural Speaking has been one of frustration. My natural speaking speed and slur is apparently beyond comprehension to the best software I can easily get.

There are some incredible possibilities for Neural Interfaces. These devices promise to scan thought activity patterns and electrical waves as processing of information, and decision making occurs in our minds. The possibilities of gesture combined with neural interfaces could introduce new methods  to create art and music. One could paint a song in the air, while detailing it's tones and harmony's from brainwaves.