Victus Spiritus


Art Inspires Us to Imagine

25 Jun 2009


Escher's Relativity

Our Most Cherished Content is Thought Provoking

Whether films, music, or abstract art, we are humbled by media's ability to spark our imagination. Creations that move us, literally change our state of mind. We transcend our worldly concerns for just a moment, or perceive them without judgement.

For me, simple articles that swirl into more complex concepts, reverberate deeply within my conscious thoughts. I'm haunted by dreams of what can be. Just over the horizon of technology there are limitless communication paths waiting to connect our minds in ways we have never before imagined. Knowledge transfer may have increased with improvements in search, but gaining mastery of a subject is still subject to long and arduous study. What if even tacit expertise could be transferred?

At times music can infect us, or soothe us. It's melodies and beats melding into our being in rhythmic ecstasy. We may match our moods with music, while sometimes music inspires our mood. Socialization and release are paired with our favorite dance music. Reggae music still cascades like echoes within my memories, conjuring fragments of nights spent at a local pub. Music can trigger old memories, or ingrain new ones.

Nature, perhaps the greatest of arts, is my greatest muse. When out walking, enveloped by great trees in a local preserve, the hours slip away. Rare scenic beauty causes me to pause to take a moment to revere it. The warmth of the sun slipping through great bows and branches teases my eyes.  A perfect bright blue sky sharing it's domain with fantastic cloud structures causes silence to fall over the local woods as a cloud's shade of darkness sweeps past.

Whatever your muse may be, take a moment and be thankful for discovering it. The experience of observing great beauty powers our imagination. It is akin to fuel for our subconscious, long hinted as a ripe mental state for our imagination. How can we put a price tag on the defining articles of beauty that inspire us so? Consider this, the next time you scoff at an overpriced piece.