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Agents of Change

28 Jun 2009


Thomas Jefferson an Agent of Change

Agents of change, social entrepreneurs, and there are other names that express a mindset that is open to large scale improvements within our social and financial structures. Dennis Stevenson does an excellent job of characterizing the concept in What is a "Change Agent?".

How do we create a social framework for anyone interested in becoming an agent of change? It's self energizing to make a positive impact. To know that time and effort expended improves the quality of peoples lives, even just a little bit, is immensely satisfying.

It takes time to pursue a selfish (or unselfish) interest. How do people with many responsibilities manage to free up that time? Making breathing room for creative energies to discover the right challenge is the only way to make progress on developing a passion.

Agents of change will be implementing grand strategies and small scale "smarter" methods by utilizing the monumental information flowing into and through the internet. They'll leverage social interest, and crowd source solutions that will emerge from simple observations and choices. Imagine what is next in line for external applications using Internet system strategies:

Tim O'Reilly and John Battelle expertly cover these topics in a recent article Web Squared: Web 2.0 Five Years On.

Imagine yourself as an agent of change, what would you do?