Victus Spiritus


The Middle

30 Jun 2009


With none of the glory of the finish, nor the promise of adventure of the start it's no surprise that few engage in discussion about the middle. Some thoughts I shared earlier examined the challenge of connecting our desired future from our tangible present.

What I'm about to suggest now may sound counterintuitive. But the joys, triumph, and greatest glory we get to share with eachother is in the heart of the middle. What strikes our fancy and beckons us to action is of little importance after the start. Completing a project, life's work, or heartfelt goal can leave one nostalgic for past experiences. Often our initial reaction is to huddle up in a ball when the enormous barrier of the middle rears its ugly head.

Could it be that we are deceiving ourselves? The goal is merely an illusion, a head fake to get us moving, to get us experiencing. The middle my friends is where the greatest treasures can be found, shared, and spun into fine tapestries of life and knowledge. We should be thankful for the start, but not overestimate it's import. It's merely a moment that triggered the middle.

Surrounded by an open world while in the middle, while acting and experiencing, we are at our best. Embracing our abilities, mustering our courage and will to move onward, and to move others. Our life condition, ever evolving through continued iterations of the middle.