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Human Condition: Flow is Action & Experiencing

03 Jul 2009

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The Flow State Mirrors Aspects of Taoism

After reading a few books that try and capture the concept of Taoism I've found the best way of describing it is orchestrating your life to be in "the flow" maximally. Considering what defines the human condition lead me to believe it is related to an experiential factor. We like to learn, interact, taste, puzzle, challenge, coast, and fly. We're drawn to so many different interests, topics, and areas. And there's nothing quite like seeing a person shining "in the flow of the moment", except of course, being that person.

I can feel the flow and I recognize it not just as an optimal work state, but as a way of living. We shouldn't let our fear of wasting time, or working too hard, or missing out on something, or just sitting still, to prevent us from enjoying every moment that we are able to. It's frustrating and a little sad sometimes because we can't always remain in this frame of mind. As much as we try, we are grounded by deadlines and responsibilities that beckon our attention, as well as an unending number of distractions.

There are some issues that we may not necessarily be happy about (our reliance on constantly seeking income for starters ;)). But we have to figure out a way to deal with them. My solution includes seeking out the things I enjoy and leveraging them towards a rewarding financial future. I'm passionate about sharing my ideas, writing has been a great way to connect with people. It's tough to transcribe all of my thoughts down into a meaningful (blog) format, but I really like the way a blog is laid out and how open it can be. People in the future (perhaps even long after I'm gone) can search for topics, and may come across some of my ideas. It's a great way to share, to meet people, and to interact. This is at least one great way one can make serendipitous discoveries.

Practicing What I Preach

Recently I decided to "practice what I preach" and begin implementing an idea developed on this blog (with great input/feedback from friend Vladimir Vukicevic, and software assistance from Eli Sacks). I have shared a number of posts describing how the future of advertising and web content is going to be highly personalized and customized. Education is one realm where personalized and customized information does and will continue to shine. This particular application is matching advertisements to what users are most interested in. No longer shall we be subject to banner or bland topical ads. The internet will learn about our wants, interests and what we are willing to purchase from public social media and comments. There's some more details included in the audio below.