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Gambit & Goal

26 Jul 2009

Solar Ions Find Their Way to the North Pole In Magnificent Fashion

Take a Gambit towards your Goals

You take chances each day without considering the vast majority of them. We live in a continuum of the unknown intertwined wheel of fate, whether you believe it is sewn before or after our actions is a choice entirely up to you. What if at this very moment there are a series of chances that if taken (the gambit) will move you inexorably towards a direction entirely of your own design?

My hypothesis is simple. There are a handful of actions, be they social, productive, or disruptive that lie in a hypothetical space between your life now, and what it will be. Never settle. Never swallow your enthusiasm in the name of security. The reality you desperately crave awaits only the courage to take the gambit. Your life's trajectory guided primarily by your guiding hand.

Identifying the risks most vital to the transformation requires a razor wit and considerable will. The cost of failure must not be so steep that there is never hope of recovery. Fear not the impact of presumed competition, their strength and power are often amplified by our imagination. Dedicate your eyes and ears to discovering potential allies and supporters. Share your stake with those who have risked and reaped rewards before you, and with those who share your priorities and path.

With the goal in sight, many would allow trepidation to freeze their confidence in taking one final chance. The instant you settle you have bounded your potential and that of those who have thrown in their lot with you. Bravely push past hesitation, and blaze a trail where each new gambit is followed by ever richer rewards.

It's Not Just Where You're Going, It's How You Get There

Just like the ionic particles from the sun in the introductory image, we can select a path that shines overhead with majestic beauty. Be wary not to discount the value of resources allocated towards graceful execution. Consider our greatest social and cultural treasures are valued by the depths of dedication their creators impart in the art of their crafting.

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