Victus Spiritus


Invest or Cash Out?

28 Jul 2009



When we talk about money, this is the first type we think of. But what is cash?

More than anything else, cash is the potential energy equivalent of value. It's a stored form of "energy" that can empower the purchase of a bottle of beer, or help a huge corporation survive through lean years. The unique nature of cash is that it is fully liquid, or can be spent, invested or otherwise in an instant. Ever eager to earn capital, our businesses focus on exchanging their products and services to grow a larger pool of cash (think of Intel or Microsoft in their best years and the cash backlog they held).


When we have more cash than we need to cover our upkeep or our company's overhead, we seek out avenues to grow the future potential value of our cash. We look internally and externally for sound startups, growing businesses, and new products lines or research. What is investment?

Investments are almost always a longer term deal than cash transactions. We're willing to build longer term and greater value by giving up the right to make other purchases or investments. We're wagering that the form of investment we have chosen will outperform other types of investment or will give us greater security.


Though many of our employment structures are paid with hourly wages, the true value of our time fluctuates with our productivity. Some of your time will be far more productive, like brokering a major deal or investing in a phenomenal unstoppable startup. Any type of product be it software or manufactured is an investment on behalf of the businesses involved.

I'm at a point in life where I invest time into projects geared towards producing long term value. Like all gambles the outcome of my efforts is unknown. In order to minimize large mistakes, I've spent thousands of hours researching potential paths for development, and will continue to engage open minds through social media. The vision is to build a development engine team that will take tractable ideas of high potential value, and convert them into real services and products (smart web software, leveraging social media). The concepts to be worked will come from the collaborative imagination of our members, ever vigilant of the investment of own resources and the trust outside investors place in us.

If you can appreciate the type of culture I'm going to foster and: