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Implement or Die!

09 Aug 2009

Out of Countless Abstract Ideas, Only One Becomes Realized

The odds are heavily stacked against your ideas. Billions of people are coming up with ideas all the time. Ideas and creativity are as natural to daily human behavior as breathing. But the abstract allows us to gloss over important details. These implementation details may require immense effort and expertise, yet in the conceptual phase they are imagined as effortless. The reality of building and executing may be far more involved and costly, but this is not always the case.

If you'd like to stack the deck in favor of your best ideas getting implemented you have a couple of simple choices.

  1. Come up with easy to implement or execute plans or ideas
  2. Influence and build an incredibly talented community that is fully willing and capable of realizing your collective ideas

Most of us start with the first option. We look for easy solutions to existing problems. The second choice is much more expensive. It requires planning, marketing, and a means of sustaining the community either by interest, reward (revenue!) or both. Sometimes we are stuck between the two choices. We come up with a fairly easy to implement idea, but don't have the expertise to execute effectively. Only a couple of skilled folks could make the idea become a reality in short order. This is an excellent opportunity for a startup business. If you've planned properly and even more importantly, incorporate early user feedback, you have a greater chance of making an incredibly talented community that can help execute your ideas.

Looking at Means Crap

It's not enough for us to consider the option of implementation. We have to make a conscious decision to implement or to ignore something. Thanks to Dave Winer of reminding me of this truth (now if only I could find the original comment to link to).