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Friendfeed Is Fading

11 Aug 2009

Fond Farewell friendfeed

You'll probably notice the friendfeed embeds are now gone. It is with great regret that I discovered today that Facebook has purchased friendfeed for ~50 million bucks. I'm happy for the dev team (woohoo cash), but I can't help but feel there was greater potential for the friendfeed service than an early facebook purchase. There are already plans to move some of the founders of friendfeed into upper engineering management positions and other developers into various supporting roles. With little doubt the friendfeed team will no longer be spending their efforts soley on building friendfeed into a stronger social media platform. Instead they'll be helping Facebook to grow and move forward.

Robert Scoble knows the deal, he's considering moving his blog comments to realtime js-kit echo

I mentioned not long ago that I'd like to see completely user owned open social media. Now more than ever I understand the need for such a service. All the connections and more importantly friendships I've forged online are likely to be affected by my diminished participation in a dying social platform (no firm commitment to continue the service from the friendfeed team). I hope to strengthen many of the social ties that were fairly recent but the social graph we carry with us is only as good as the people who go out of their way to keep in touch.

Years after college all of my close friends have moved out of the Long Island area. Rising costs combined with limited opportunities literally drove them out of state. I'm familiar with the mass exodus of good friends. Luckily I keep in touch with them via email, a social media platform that's been around a while.