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If You Love Your Imagination, Set it Free

28 Aug 2009

Evan Williams of Twitter discusses, "What is your Side Project?"

Evan declares early in the video that he has learned to listen to his hunches:

Now it's hard to justify doing a side project at a startup where focus is so critical, but I'd actually launched blogger as a side project at my previous company thinking it was just a little thing we'd do on the side. And it ended up taking over, not only the company, but my life for the next 5 or 6 years. So I learned to follow to kinda follow hunches even though you can't necessarily justify them or know where they're gonna go.

If you are unsure of which direction your work and home life are headed you need simply look to your side projects. Many of us have hobby's outside of our daily responsibilities. Our hobby's embody our passions and interests in ways that our required activities are unable to. By letting go of the goal, and following our blossoming creations, we can tap into the creative power that has fueled human civilization for many thousands of years. If you find yourself at odds with making time for your passions, stop fighting yourself and let them go. You'll rediscover your inspiration when you most need it. Trying to funnel creativity down a preconceived path is like trying to redirect a flood with tissue paper. Respect the power of your imagination, and the wistful dreams of your spirit by giving your ideas the nourishment and freedom to grow.