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Collaborative Social Sites for Couples, Families and Friends

30 Aug 2009

HandCartWhy not build virtual hang outs for your partner, family and friends?

Social sites largely target individual users. Each user creates an isolated landing page which serves as a personal island. I'd like to propose a new site that not only allows but encourages new users to "team up" with friends, family or even new acquaintances who share similar interests to help build communal hubs. Following the monetization concept of businesses like Squidoo or Mahalo's How To articles any affiliate sales or advertising revenue generated is split between the hosting company, and any mutual owners of a page. Each contributor to a page increases the the revenue split of the group, up to X (5-6) authors. Sub-pages can be created and linked to a new hub. In this manner targeted mini-sites will be collaboratively created and curated by passionate community members.

The hosting business will be simple. Simply setup simple publishing pages, wildly customizable templates, html direct uploads, and revenue splits. The bargaining power of the host business will be collectively stronger for negotiating great affiliate rates and solid advertising deals. Older material becomes stale or outdated and requires periodic review to maintain strong interest for web browsers.Curating or continually refreshing old pages should be rewarded with favorable internal marketing and revenue sharing. Taking a lesson from Squidoo, volunteer organizations can easily create their own community pages to support their favorite charity or non-profit.

Of course I had to remember the Robo-Cop Nuke 'Em commercial while writing this up, for a family "collaborative" board game: