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06 Sep 2009


Don't Believe the Hype

There is so much hype regarding existent and novel social channels that I wonder if many of us are missing the point when it comes to communicating. The quality and character of the message you are trying to transmit is of much greater importance than the specific implementation chosen to broadcast it. Yes, I'm excited about new social tools like Google Wave. But my reasons are somewhat selfish: the technology can be distributed, and wouldn't necessarily vanish even if businesses liquidated (open source). 

Don't Like What's Offered, Build Your Own

The future of social media will host many different interfaces personalized by each user, but they'll share common protocols to distribute information around the world instantly.

There are a great many and growing number of social media infrastructure tools. Social media support products like Drupal, or sites like Ning want you to choose their solution for connecting people or forming a web community.

For my take on open social media, please check out this popular post from late July.