Victus Spiritus


Creating a Legacy

07 Sep 2009

A Flickering Candle

The analogy of a candle flame to the sum experiences of a single life is a beautiful reminder of our precious gift. Each of our individual existences is brief compared to the timescales of:

  1. nations
  2. civilization
  3. the human species
  4. life on Earth
  5. our solar system
  6. our galaxy
  7. our universe

In the greater scheme of things, even just a thousand years from of our births, the likelihood of being remembered or impacting continually adapting life is minuscule. A legacy is something we leave behind after we're gone. It can be property, wealth, or more essential, the lessons we learned in life. Often times families do their best to pass on any wisdom they may have accrued, by communicating deeply with inheriting generations.

Great scholars, and learned masters of art and science have used universities and wondrous written works to capture the most important concepts of their time. Even now, we still look back and learn from the philosophy of Socrates and Plato, several millenniums after their deaths. A challenge throughout human history is preserving knowledge of it's passing. Not only do we wish to avoid repeating earlier tragedies, but there is an undercurrent of civilizations forward advancement. Going hand in hand with this direction, is the improvement of individual lives. Greater liberties, freedoms, and education are made available to each generation. But in our collective race after efficiency, we sometimes suffer setbacks, or degrade the quality of our lives or education.

One Gift

In navigating the pitfalls of greed, self absorption and destruction, there comes a time when a person must decide how they wish to be remembered. The decision is made evident by each of our choices. How we live and act, is a message to younger generations. These challenging questions help define our life's message:

If there was one gift you would bequeath to those that come long after your time here, what would it be? My wish is to inspire greater self awareness and thoughtfulness to people that may be overwhelmed with demanding schedules and stress.