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Information is Faster Than Light

13 Sep 2009

How can information possibly be exchanged faster than the speed of light? After a bit of research on the background of the Bell Inequality it appears that the direction of theory is leaning towards QM (quantum mechanics). There's no entanglement that allows for information to bypass the special relativity restriction on lights dominance as the "number one gun" of speed.

This particular far out theory of mine has to do with quantum entangled particles that are co-located but reside in orthogonal spaces. "There Mark goes, jumping the shark again" you may be saying to yourself, and who am I to argue with such an accurate description?

Here's the thought experiment's setup. Each particle in our universe is quantum entangled with another universe, but not all particles map to the same universe, so we're "connected" to a large number of possible existences. These existences may have separate timelines but follow the same set of natural laws (whatever clever rules they may be). If we could identify which particles mapped to which universes, hypothetically we could identify a relationship between nearly identical worlds, but with a small delta time. This would allow knowledge before events, which could decouple our timelines and require searching for new adjacent universes. But even one such event transfer would allow for a large Mulligan of sorts. As an abysmal golfer (I can hit far, not straight), I for one see the great value in an occassional edit undo. The thought crossed my mind this morning after rolling my chair and stepping in some of the most terrible smelling dog droppings I've ever witnessed (definite correlation between these droppings and the residual dust of evil from the conclusion of Time Bandits).

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