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Beware of Kool Aid

17 Sep 2009

The terminlogy "don't drink the Kool Aid" refers to the mass suicide at Jonestown. It has come to represent an agnostic adherence to questioning authority, and seeing through any potentially harmful delusions. The lessons learned from this tragedy are applicable to a wide range of life experience. Beyond the very emotional topic of faith, the future of our society and economy depends heavily on our adherence to reason as a driving force for social evolution.

In the US and likely globally, our society fosters a great percentage of all labor in support of spin doctoring. When public relations, marketing, or even official public reps respond to misfortunes the level of truth concealment is self perpetuating. One lie begets several more until we all believe it. For those familiar with the great floods of the Starburst "juice is loose" commercials, think of the juice as "Kool Aid" and you can begin to comprehend the torrid volume of disinformation (please forgive me, I suffer from an irressistable urge to overuse this analogy :)).

The solution is simple, yet requires individual effort. No, I'm not suggesting we dissolve society and go hide under rocks ;). Use your best rational faculties, to review the evidence and come to a conclusion on any given event. To paraphrase Morpheus (The Matrix), no one can show you the truth, you have to experience it yourself. Ask questions, talk over difficult topics with friends. Don't allow yourself to settle blissfully with the first offered explanantion, confirm it.

Financial hardships have compelled leadership to sell away our future, a short sighted strategy that endangers the long term security of our nation. Instead of printing additional funds, we should look collectively at building long term value. Businesses both small and large that provide products and services are the cornerstone of sustainable financial recovery and growth. We can funnel our most valued resource, our time and energy, into building communities that support small businesses. Not government regulated, but tied together by a passionate need to create value.