Victus Spiritus


Unexpected Windfall

19 Sep 2009

There have been moments in time when I was blessed with an unexpected gift. My reaction was one of surprised elation, whether the source was money, a serendipitous discovery, or my favorite windfall, meeting my lovely fiancé Michelle. A curious thing, this fortuitous luck. While I don't think it's possible to force positive fortune, I have come to believe that there may be helpful cues and even a type of outlook that may invite good fate.

The positive events that shape our lives may be related to how open our perspectives are. With each unexpected event we are given a choice of reaction. Frustration, and creativity are both valid responses to unplanned changes. Take for example a layoff at work. A rapid loss of income can be devastating to anyone in torpid economic times. How often do we find within ourselves a completely new path in life, a deeper and more powerul calling?

Life could be described as a series of unpredictable events. Should we live in constant fear of change, reacting to it reflexively with blame and frustration? I suspect you can guess my answer. To be an agent of positive change you initiate transformation within yourself and others. Surprising responses combine with amazing acts of kindness to propel worthwhile causes forward.

The greatest fortune appears to seek out those most open to it. In a way, wise and willing souls convince us that any fortune is valued. A challenge calls out to our best energy, a gift humbles us as we pass it on to those in need. Strength of character resides in our perception of change without trepidation.

I wish you all the most favorable fortune, and even more so, the ability to perceive the silver lining of life's surprises.