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Vicarious Good Days Ahead

05 Oct 2009

How can I best enable you to achieve a tough task?

I'd like to start simple and focus on a reasonable challenge. How can I make every reader of this blogs day better? There are only a handful of consistent readers, but anyone who comments below with a request that my effort can help achieve, will definitely get considered. Why the sudden burst of generosity? I realized that I'm the type of person who is only truly at peace when everyone around me is trouble free. Where better to start than by giving a hand to folks that frequent my idea sandbox ;).

Call it empathy overload, but whatever the feeling is, I feel noticeably lighter and at ease when folks around me are the same. Perhaps it's an evolutionary social connection, or maybe it's just the way my minds emotional response is setup. I know there's value in helping other people achieves there dreams, ad it's beyond quantifiable. Together we can make forward progress where isolated we hit a wall.

What motivates you?
What drives you to action each day?
What rings true for you?

Inspiration and positive energy come in many forms. We can't afford to ignore a powerful calling. I certainly can't keep pushing the feeling that I'm not doing enough into the procrastination section of my thoughts.

I Need Your Help Too

Over the past few months I have met some wonderful people in many different phases of their lives. Some have succeeded wildly in their fields, others are just starting out as entrepreneurs, leaders, and agents of change. I'd like nothing more than to join those who face the challenge of building real value. Recognizing a need is one hurdle, but developing a practical solution to that problem is an entirely different challenge. I'd like get a basic user profile, and oauth setup cooking for social media users. I've recieved excellent advice from Brian Hendrickson who is actively building a library/app that I can leverage towards this project. Two way search is a need I recognize and believe is achievable with today's technology (Zemanta being a key component). Other players in the field of semantic search have made great progress at helping to sort the exponentially growing information on the web (wikipedia, eqentia, open calais, lazyfeed, activewords, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo). I'd like to learn a little more about python, lift/scala, and php and setting up a (restful?) API.