Victus Spiritus


A Purple Cow joins forces with a Gaping Void, only greatness results

09 Oct 2009

How many times do you get to meet two inspirational legends in one night? I had the fortune to share this wonderful experience with my eccentric genius brother Ron, and lovely & brilliant fiance Michelle (my cousin Sean who lives a few blocks away missed out, so he gets no cool adjectives).

To get a chance to meet in person, and chat briefly with Hugh Macleod and Seth Godin was pretty damn groovy. I would have paid a pretty penny for that opportunity but Hugh and crew hosted the event at a swank restaurant/bar ilili. Hugh is the creative genius behind gapingvoid, and Seth is the marketing rebel, prolific blogger/author, and entrepreneurial mastermind of To say I was in good company would be a terrible understatement.

Upon arriving I retreated to my preferred wallflower safety spot. I copped a squat on a cumfy couch after grabbing soda for Michelle and myself, and Ron went straight for the complimentary wine (big thanks to Stormhoek he loved the wine).

First Hugh made the rounds with meet and greets, and I got a chance to talk about his transition from independent blogger/cartoonist to his current larger gig as leader of a team that supplies art for businesses (amongst many other customers). For Hugh, the feel of his work has changed, as now there are other people who rely on his leadership. I couldn't possibly convey in such a short time, how important his work was. Not only for the quality of message, but by trailblazing a path that turned his passion into a powerful message and community. Everyone that works in an office environment could use the light hearted, yet honest expression captured in Cube Grenades (small cartoons to hang at the wall at work).

A few moments later Seth came up and introduced himself to my trio. How odd & interesting it must be to have everyone know who you are at a party? Again, I was very happy to get a chance to say "thank you" to the guy that helped me discover that I love blogging (reading and writing). It's tough to say, "hey you made my life a little better by showing me what was possible with a few thousand good blog posts" when you first meet someone. I just smiled goofily and tried not to scare the little guy off (my brother and I are both over 6'5" 250lbs). Later on Seth wad handing out free signed copies of Tribes but after I explained that I had read it, he handed me the Dip which I happily read on the train home.

What was even more exceptional about the evening, a charity fundraiser for some a purple cow milk carton, and a Seth godin action figure! Seth raised $1200 in a short auction to help build libraries in low income communities around the world (I'd love to link to the charity with over 99% effieciency in moving your donations to those in need).

As an idea worshipping kinda guy, I had just got to meet with the two of best wisdom slingers in the world (almost 3 if I said something to Fred Wilson on his way out at the start). I half expected these legendary bloggers to have some type of Jedi battle over our attention, but these gents emitted awesome vibes all around.

Thanks again!