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Augmented Reality Using Google Wave as a Protocol

17 Oct 2009

Browsing wave this morning I came across a few folks interested in laying the foundation for a common augmented reality system. Here's a diagram showing a conceptual information flow, but instead of IRC wave may be a better choice of data channel. Users can select waves to layer perception of augmented objects. Some waves could represent Yelp like reviews, others could be banner ads floating over a beach, while even apparel or hairstyles could be virtually attached to real world objects. The applications are unlimited but first there are barriers to implementation.

Here's the initial concept (using IRC as a communication channel) from Thomas Wrobel:


Bandwidth usage for complex visual or animating objects could be intensive. Current solutions for virtual worlds involve large client databases or rendering software (second life, World of Warcraft). So in all likelihood a rich augmented reality protocol will have some simple defaults, but allow localized users to scale up the visual quality as far as their local devices and databases allow.

You may remember a few months back I posted this video (created with GE's smart grid tech):

This is an idea to scale that sort of technology to be more generally available to developers, and users.
I've inserted a view to the wave that tuned me into the concept this morning:
[wave id="!w+JAcNzz16A"]

And the some more technical information here:
[wave id="!w+hvk2Fj3wB"]