Victus Spiritus


The Brevity of Life Demands Risk

27 Oct 2009

consider the risk averse lifestyle

Be a good kid
listen to your teachers
obey your parents
get good grades
go to a good college
get good grades
get a good job
get a grauduate degree
meet a good life partner
Have a couple of kids
Save 10% of your paycheck
get a few more good jobs
Retire in 40 years
Pass away and be forgotten in a few years

While there's nothing intrinsically wrong with the above, life to me screams of urgency. We are explorers seeking places unknown. On the other hand when each of the above activities are done with our full presence, they can be quite profound.

Life challenges us to discover more of it's beauty

There's no pattern to be followed for a fulfilling and satisfying life experience. We aren't born with an imprint of how best to find meaning in our existence. Embracing the often uncomfortable challenges of the unknown is where the magic happens. You'll never know how much satisfaction and productivity you can get out of each day, until you dedicate yourself to an effort you deeply care about.

There is an immeasurable richness of wealth and meaning unlocked by experiencing the unknown. Simply reading, or watching others recount their views can't do justice to the act of living it. As much as I try to develop my imagination it pales in comparison to the long lasting memories and depth of feelings induced by the real. (Imagination is still the heart of my curiousity, and curiousity is the rocket fuel to my imagination.)

Make a small change in your well grooved path. Reflect upon how it changes you. Perceived risk must be challenged to discover whether it is a construction of our mind, or a true danger to our well being. Safety doesn't often translate to satisfaction, and unfounded fear is the enemy of freedom. Ok, enough fortune cookie chat, have a great day everyone.