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Crowd Sourced Hosting Solution

01 Nov 2009

*edit* We opted for Rackspace for their services, price, and support.

Request for Help Picking a Solid Host

After a quick search and spending a few minutes reading about cloud services like EC2 ($60-70/month minimum) and Rackspace ($11+/month) I decided these solutions may have features I'm looking for, but may not be optimal at this time.  If all goes well they may be on our scaling trajectory.

My default choice is Rackspace's Cloud offering without more knowledge. But I'm interested in listening to some folks smarter than myself in this area, in hopes they'll share their experiences with web hosting (good, bad, features, restrictions). I use Hostmonster for this blog (and Victus Media), but the ssh access I have gives me limited ability to install certain must have utilities (permissions problems).

Google Wave Request for Hosting Selection

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Several AskReddit questions shed some additional light on what people look for and expect in hosting companies. The range of support goes from a simple web site host, to a fully functional and scalable compute server with web facing options.