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06 Nov 2009

A Sunset on a Texas Farm

I spent a few hours of this morning drooling over imagery

I don't just mean gorgeous, breath taking, OMG I want to see that in real life photos. I literally mean drooling, they were that sick/incredible. It's not just the awe inspiring HDR lighting that is applied, but the perfect scenic locations and framing. The photographer is Trey Ratcliff. I've probably linked to his work (stuckincustoms on flickr) at least a half dozen times, without consciously making the connection that the shots were all taken by the same photographer. I'm hoping to add a meebo chat bar to the bottom of the page (non-intrusive communication thingy) based on Trey's great photo-blog layout, but it looks like I have to wait on an ok from their business reps first. Worst case I can easily embed a side bar chat widget.