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09 Nov 2009

no pool this beautiful should be empty at a time like this

Victus Media

Our tagline: We are about providing incredible user value by doing novel things with information.

Our mission: To create tools and services that provide improved two way search, and allow for people to serendipitously discover both information and other folks who share their interests. The monetary force that will drive this mission is based on contextual, personal advertisements created from social media.

The company homepage is at Victus Media and the latest suite of tools and services is coming out of our Rackspace hosted cloud solution. At this early stage we are looking for user and site host feedback.

*Edit sorry the video was a private test for Tyler, will be publicly viewable or he'll create a public one*

Here's a quick intro video, thanks to the Chief Tech Tyler Gillies (it's easier to read full screened):

We will continue working on enhancing the search aspects of the tool (current usage is limited by a split between keywords derived from twitter streams, and manually entering terms into a tool likeĀ frankensearch). In addition we'll be using oauth to incorporate Facebook, and Google Wave (after it opens up) input streams.

Our long form semantic tool is Zemanta for RSS blog feeds, and the status form semantic tool is from Orchestr8 using theĀ AlchemyAPI. These companies are uncovering value in an entirely new set of information tools.