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Pigs may not have wings, but I can Ride the Rails with a flu

11 Nov 2009

Circumnavigating the Lake

The Swine Strikes Back?

Wishful thinking wasn't enough to be free and clear of this year's flu back in September.  That was before things jumped the shark, and schools closed. I heard this morning from Bill at 7-11 that 160 kids were out sick yesterday at the local Port Jeff school. Take a few minutes to catch up on the flu trends and you'll see how ruthlessly effective this years flu variants have been.

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Ruby on Rails

Since I'm feeling terrible at home anyway, I decided this was a great time to dig into the Ruby on Rails tutorial mashup I had constructed from my web browsing. The Chief Tech of Victus Media Tyler has been kicking ass and taking names with RoR coding.  Sadly I haven't been able to dig my teeth into this web framework yet. I spent a few days banging my head on building the victus media intelligent search/ads code locally with netbeans without success. I settled on starting with a simpler environment. Somehow during the netbeans setup, I mangled my gem directory and install of Ruby, so I started over and am following the advice here: Setting up Rails Development Environment on Windows Vista/XP by tabrez. After that simple install (it worked!) I decided to go with “Hello, World” Web Application in Ruby on Rails using console another great post by tabrez. I have since mixed in some MongoDB usage and am getting a gem error (no sqlite3), but there's plenty of documentation on how to use mongoDB from Ruby here.

I've endeavored to put together a list of documentation sources I have gathered to help first time Ruby on Rails users (yeah Ruby's new to me too). I should have this setup so others can edit and add on their favorite rails documentation. Here's the link to the Google Spreadsheet.

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