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When would Mumm-Ra the Everliving pitch Angel/Venture Capital?

12 Nov 2009

*edit this post is really far out there, I like stretching reality & blame the flu*

Who's Mumm-Ra?

Mumm-Ra was the lead villain of the Thundercats tv series. He was an old soul that made a pact with powerful forces in order to transform into a powerhouse. Besides a small catlike creature Snarf getting the power in an episode the ancient spirits (nevermind the "of evil" qualifier ;)) would reliably give up their power to Mum. The transformation is captured here.

The analogy is that ancient spirits represent outside investors, and the power is capital, experience and influence. These venture or angel investors take on the great risk of funding risky business, but take a healthy ownership of what founders create. By accepting venture funding one shares a business with a mix of capital and sweat equity. I dig this type of partnership, and respect the forces driving entrepreneurs (they love creating value/thrive on competition) and investors (maintaining/growing capital value).

It's pretty clear to me that Mumm-Ra would have gone after any and all capital he needed to make the transformation. A subtle point, is that Mum pitched his transformation to several outside investors (ancient spiritS), thereby invoking the protection of multiple entities vying for control. This keeps the playing field open and competitive for follow on fund raising rounds.

As a founder, if you can get further with outside financing you have an obligation to pursue deals that grow your business. Keep in mind this pace dictates the future of your business culture. Slow and steady may win the race, but fast and agile leads to market domination. What type of business do you want to build?

Whenever people hear Victus Media, I want folks to think "legendary". We have a long way to go, and plenty of ancient spirits to bargain with.