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Boys and their Toys: Tools the 7th Kingdom

13 Nov 2009

Arriving Home in Vegas

Stretching back through the history of humans, we have had an inseparable relationship with tools. From simple beginnings like the sharpened stone, we have rivaled the complexity of our own biological systems with our technology. Our usage of ultra specialized and general purpose tools is so ingrained in our everyday life, subsisting without them would take great effort. Apparently technology and life have intertwined fates. Without the will to be imagined, created, repaired and utilized technology would cease to function. If one day a form of mechanized life were discovered (or emerged), it would cease to be simply technology. The two, organic and inorganic entities, are coupled in their extropic structuring of the universe. Together, man and technology, go hand in hand inevitably towards the future.

The greatest tools nudge us gently in the right direction. Subtle at times, in harmony wlth our vision, or like massive steel frying pans smashing us in the face, when we step out of line. Both types have their merit. They teach us, they help us explore unknown space. They enable us to do what we could not accomplish without them. Our diverse efforts help to refine and polish the efficacy of tools in areas of perceived need. Our lust for knowledge and freedom from physical pains drives us to discover and explore.

I thank Kevin Kelly for his inspiration of my continued curiosity of the Seventh Kingdom. The concept of extropy and how tools relate to mankind are both derived from his fascinating work. You can find some of it here in various book formats.