Victus Spiritus


undiscovered country

14 Nov 2009

The Dirt Road to the Nuclear Blast Site

wonder drives us

The experience of exploring an unknown space takes us away from our everyday concerns. We focus all our attention and conscious perception outward. Our energy is replenished by curiousity taking in magestic surroundings, riddled with rich tales of their histories. Our awareness of this wonder is strongest when we are kids, but in the process of growing and learning there's a tendency for this wonder to diminish or tarnish with age.

This morning I'd like to ask each reader to take a moment, and journey back in your minds eye to a time when you had a more open view of reality (many of you have this perspective handy already). The world is full of potential adventures and exciting opportunities that are revealed only when we are open and ready to recognize them. It's easy to lose sight of this precious vision when we are stressed or uber busy.

Share your new outlook

The first hurdle is enhancing this view on your own. But there's an almost mystical quality to folks who share open views together. The over critical judgement that usually comes from tarnished wonder evaporates, letting people connect on a deeper and more genuine level. Go out and inspire those around you with optimism, with wonder, and enthusiasm.

Your world can begin to drastically change with a shift in perspective. Who knows what undiscovered countries we'll find together.