Victus Spiritus


Art Opens the Door to Connecting, Understanding, and Inspiring

25 Nov 2009



When we share the experience of art, it can create an intimate moment. We percieve a momentary glimpse into the mind of the artist. But even this shared moment becomes something entirely our own. The meaning of a piece is defined by not only the artist but our past, and even the mood we happen to be in while observing the work. An inspiring poem, or glorious HDR photo brings our minds to a place of awe and appreciation.

We can also share the experience of art with loved ones. We can listen to a beautiful song together, go to an exhibit, or catch a play together. The moment of appreciation and meaning binds us together. The art becomes a connector of sorts between minds. It is not the art which serves as the conduit of consciousness, but the harmony of mental states it induces.


There is often a story within a piece or collection of art. A series of paintings, or a novel both transmit a powerful message. Although some students of art would like to convince us otherwise, interpretations are personal and validity is based on relevancy to our individual perspective. Although the artist may have intended something different in the original message, art is fundamentally an ongoing interpretation, that transcends static doctrines.

Since the meaning of art is highly subjective, understanding art is more akin to understanding self. Careful attention and feeling ones reactions to stirring pieces can shed much light on our true nature, and unmasked desires.


I have dedicated many hundreds of hours towards learning and sharing my findings on inspiration. And although my background is more technical, I would be foolish to ignore the awesome inspirational value of art.

Because of a ruthless focus on value creation and discovery, I had been somewhat blind to the awesome potential of art. The subtle value of art is its ability to fundamentally open our stubborn and locked views. The market for art is infinite and ageless. The true value of inspiration is immeasureable.

We should go out of our way to foster appreciation of art, by sharing it with our young. And make strides to connect with our elders with the aid of inspiration, and collective awe.