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Thanks for Giving

26 Nov 2009

New York City is Alive and Well
This picture from Trey really captures the feel of Times Square this time of year. The Thanksgiving parade will be going through there shortly, props to Macy's and all the folks that contribute to it.

Home is friends and family

For students and many workers it's a long weekend. We're afforded the luxury of catching up with the people who are very much a part of who we are today.

Big bear hugs and warm hand shakes are followed by a massive feast (at least in my family). Friendly conversations let us share our experiences and relate our genuine life story with those we may only visit a few times a year.

I'd like to give a humble thanks to my Uncle Guy, Aunt Heidi, John, Jen, and Bo for being super hosts for many years. I know me and the rest of the fam really appreciate the tremendous effort that goes in to all the cooking, baking, and preparing. Thanks to all the courageous souls that host holiday gatherings at their home.

Value Your True Connections

It's all too easy to take our extended family and friends for granted. But the sobering truth is that our days are precious, and numbered. We should strive to be fully present at gatherings, and give our best attention to those around us. Distractions beset us from all sides. With mobile technology, side projects, and the desire to spend every free moment working on a job or business we love it takes effort to disengage from our normal routine, and engage with those around us.

My readers, colleagues, guides, gurus, and critics

Even the most severe of critics, takes time and cares enough to give feedback. More often than not after a short conversation, I benefit from better understanding their perspective.

To all who touch my life in some way, thanks for your continued support. Whether you know it or not, your continued learning and selfless sharing has been a huge part of my inspiration.