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Control versus Influence, the problem with Corporations

02 Dec 2009


It's leverage by force. If an individual is compelled to do work for you through an offering of capital, we normally take for granted that this is an opt in exchange. The reality of employment is far different, certainly in times of mass layoffs and shrinking businesses. If you don't feel this sense of control than your corporate culture is a trail blazer and I commend it's leadership!

A corporate entity controls it's employees with salaries, bonuses, and benefits. Employees aren't free to explore work that they have great interest and passion for. Something needs to get done, and employees are expected to execute.

It's in your job description.

You signed the dotted line.

Your corporation isn't yours, you belong to it. They own you.

Deviate too far from expected and ordered execution and you can expect to be demoted, layed off, fired, or pushed out.

Where does this structure leave room for enthusiasm and love? These are the two most important motivations humanity has, and all we come up with for corporations is greed and fear?


I choose who I want to tune into each day. I can read whoever's blog or shared info stream I desire. The folks with the best ideas that shake up my limited view and invite discussion draw my respect and attention.

These great writers, information agents, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, marketers, and investors earn my interest. They influence me by repeatedly giving away their most inspirational questions, ideas, and knowledge freely. In return I add value to their work whenever I am able. I achieve this through heavy commenting, sharing my own views, and helping to elaborate on complex issues that are made clear by diverse views.

Imagine a world where influence is. greater than control

Without the leash of greed and fear, imagine our society empowered and driven by influence. Imagine the business structures that would energize our drifting economy.

Humanity wants to create, to grow, to evolve socially. It is time we embraced the power of influence over control. Our future freedom depends on the choices we make now.