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Go Hack Yourself

06 Dec 2009

Conjure motivation and enthusiasm from apathy. Quick tricks to short circuit mental barriers of slack and hunger.

Observe the Illusory Nature of Resistance

We all share moments where we can't jumpstart our bodies and minds to action. This morning I was struck with powerful urge to just "sit" after waking up. Instead of pursuing desired activities (writing, walking, then coding), I could feel the pull to take a nap, or stare at the empty living room and space out.

I'm a huge fan of a well earned siesta, but for crying out loud, it was 8am and I'd only been up a couple of hours. As I sat frozen on the couch I put all of my attention on the source of slack. Do you know what I perceived?


It was a beautiful emptiness.
No ambition, no hunger, no desire.
Just blissful calm.

But the slack had no identifiable boundaries. There was literally nothing I could relate to the apathy, so I got up and moved. Without a foundation or connection to the rest of self, apathy has such a weak gravity. It's little surprise that there's nothing behind the curtain of slack. Maybe one day, when I have conquered the urgency of value chasing, I'll return to visit the beautiful emptiness. I might learn something from such a restful state.


Here's one beast that anyone who over eats, or has addictions can relate to. This is above and beyond normal hunger associated with requiring sustenance. The nature of Hunger is endless. No matter how much we consume, the hunger returns a few hours later. The cravings for food, entertainment, information, or attention all fall into the category of this inexhaustible Hunger.

In my short time on Earth I've lived with a mighty Hunger for food and Thirst for beverages. Never satisfied, I construct massive iced coffees to feed my caffeine Hunger. Years ago I drank too much (booze), and blazed through almost a decade of smoking sweet clove cigarettes.

The nature of craving a desired substance is another illusory state of mind. Focus your will and attention well and you will recognize the disconnect between the Hunger and self. We are not our Hunger.

We chase a desired substance because of a future imagined state of satisfaction. Looking further, you can see that the future satisfaction erodes and is replaced by Hunger once again. The satisfaction isn't real or lasting. The desired satisfaction state is over exagerated by our predictive mind. It's just another illusion. The truth is that most forms of Hunger are merely distractions.

Disclaimer: this fortune cookie wisdom brought to you by a gentleman who just downed a big iced coffee and an egg sandwich :)