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Tweet to wordpress or tumblr blog, Use the twitter API/protocol?

18 Dec 2009

Here's some bizarre coolness. With Wordpress adopting a twitter API and Tumblr doing the same I can now use my Tweetie 2 client to post or search either data set.

My blog (Imagination's End):

[iframe 800 600]

My Tumblog (

[iframe 800 600]

Now either of these things in of themselves is unimpressive. I know what you're thinking.

"Great Mark you can flood more blog formats with your mundane trivial crap."

Ah, but friends this means so much more. Not only can you post to these blog formats from Tweetie 2. You can also read other blogs with the wordpress & Tumblr API, and you can also search the Tumblr API. Again you are likely hesitating:

"I'm still not impressed Mark, so what. I could do this via the websites before, what's new?"

Now a new host of tools specifically crafted for Twitter can easily be adapted to work on the database (HUGE) and the database (not as big but growing). Others will likely follow suit (according to Dave Winer) and I think I will be one of them with the IMM once we get an API cooking. Even Fred Wilson is pretty overwhelmed by the implications (Open APIs and Open Standards).

As a developer, I'm freaking excited!