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Back in Action: iTunes is the only #fail for putting on Linux pants

01 Feb 2010

Yesterday evening I was back to nearly full functionality after leaving my old friend Windows. The surprising casualty of the switch from Windows to Ubuntu Linux is iTunes. Apple hasn't released a Linux client yet, as I suspect the unix to unix port to be a heavy burden (JFDI).

The largest troublemaker was getting my Logitech (MX518) mouse to function. I found a helpful web guide that lead me to edit xorg.conf and set some options (note: I didn't need to change the server layout file). After that I grabbed the following must have (for me) software:

The installation of the software was done through command line:
sudo apt-get ApplicationName
Or by using the Ubuntu package handler in the UI (under the applications tab).
And the last installation method I used was clicking on .deb files. All methods worked equally well.

Installation was straight forward and setup didn't vary much from a windows experience. It wasn't quite as smooth as setting up Michelle's iMac (she did it all easily and is the bane of all computers). It wasn't substantially harder, although it was significantly less expensive.