Victus Spiritus


Illusive Delusions of Grandeur, or a Peak at Who We Are

04 Feb 2010

a Han Solo inspired title for a post that dips into the spiritual side

Have you ever experienced moments where you felt unstoppable?

I'm not talking about run of the mill mania, a bloated ego, or a positive feeling of well being. What I refer to is a state of being where all our cylinders fire syncronously. In this state we're so deep in the flow that we can't imagine leaving it. Our thoughts and actions can flow without hindrance. There's this humbling sensation of immense strength that is remarkable because it emanates from us.

It is us.

The sensation of self truth is an aspect of our persona that's untarnished by doubt. This is the song of life that is in harmony with our own inner tune. Forgive the new age mumbo jumbo spiritual speak, and think about the precious nature of these moments. There is no stronger signal I can imagine than our honest subconscious needs emitting every ounce of endorphins to echo "this is the way, go forward".

If you can relate to these moments of self truth, unfettered by the noise of distraction, you can align your life to cultivate stronger and deeper moments. The power of this recurring look into who we are, is much more than a feeling of elation or confidence.

Or they could just be delusions of grandeur ;)