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Choice is Beauty: Why I'm leaving Apple Mobile for Android

07 Feb 2010

*update* I've got a pretty solid setup now with a wifi only iphone 4. I couldn't beat the typing interface for my daily writing. I haven't found a need to unlock it yet.

  1. iPhone is a fundamentally closed architecture. Sure lots of developers are working through the store to get access to a large market, but the store's cut isn't the only tax. Apple is the gatekeeper and has proven that it will block competition. For examples see Skype & Google Voice. Additionally the approval time for updates is too slow, taking weeks or more
  2. Web apps are much more appealing alternative for developers who want the biggest market without having to rewrite the same app for multiple architectures. I recognize that web apps don't have full access to the device hardware. Expect this trend to change rapidly
  3. I'm not the administrator on my own hardware (without jailbreaking) which is a pita without a mac. Software apps or Apple can push updates I don't want. Jailbreaking an Android is trivial by comparison. Being in the drivers seat of my own hardware destiny matters to me
  4. No choice of data provider. Put aside the debate of dumb pipes, AT&T vs Verizon vs Sprint vs Tmobile. Choice is the foundation of competition. I want businesses competing ferociously to be my mobile web service provider. I want the mobile Net commodotized and absolutely transparent. Providers should be dynamic not static, the cheapest bit wins
  5. iTunes doesn't work on Linux. Sure I can get wine to emulate windows and the push the iPod patch and it may work (it flaked on my setup) but why should I have to?
  6. For the same reason Microsoft was a monopoly for integrating their crappy Internet Explorer browser Apple should have to decouple their store from their hardware. Let me buy through whoever I want (go Magnatune &!). I admit IE has gotten better since they were forced to decouple their web browser from the OS. Competition is a good thing for users/customers and the stability of businesses
  7. For me it comes down to user experience. I'd much prefer a solid under the hood infrastructure and choice of windowing/interface environmet. It's why Ubuntu flavored Linux is working great for me. If only I could slap that on my mobile...

Things that no mobile provider has official support for but it should be the defaut:

This is a followup to Apple and AT&T are pulling a Thelma & Louise.

Disclaimer: I don't hate Apple, I've enjoyed my iPhone mobile for a few years for the Net access it has given me (2G and 3Gs). My fiancé Michelle had a wonderful experience setting up her iMac.